At Coffee Shop Spanish, we know how important learning Spanish is to our students. That’s why we work with only a small group of hand-picked instructors who truly know how to teach Spanish, not just speak it. Educated at the masters level or above, our instructors focus on our students’ specific strengths and goals as language learners. Read more about our all-star team below!

Daniel C. Braun, M.Ed.

Coffee Shop Spanish was started in Cincinnati, Ohio by University of Cincinnati Master’s graduate Daniel Braun. Although Daniel has dedicated most of his life to both the speaking and teaching of Spanish, it became one of his great passions when he took a life-changing trip to Spain just a few short months after his father passed away in 2008. Nowadays, when he’s not catching up with an old student over coffee at one of Cincinnati’s friendly coffee houses, Daniel enjoys traveling, playing soccer, and spending time with his family and friends. Although he has stepped away from his long-held teaching role with the organization, he now serves as Program Director and Curriculum Designer, among many other roles that he holds.

Nidia Herrera Ospina, M.A.

Nidia is originally from Colombia and has been in Cincinnati since 2008. She completed her master’s degree in Spanish at the University of Cincinnati and now is working on her Ph.D. Her teaching experience began in 2001 in Colombia where she taught Spanish & English at different levels. Here in Cincinnati, she has worked both as a Spanish Instructor at UC, as well as now with Coffee Shop Spanish. Teaching is what she has always done, so for her it has become a passion and a lifestyle. In her free time she is usually visiting other worlds through the glass of books or movies; and for working out she practices “Salsa” on the Square every Thursday!

Lucy A. Stephens, M.Ed.

Although Lucy was born and raised in Ohio, an enduring passion and interest in the Spanish language brought her to Spain many years ago, where she became instantly fascinated with its people and culture. After returning to the States and completing her studies at the University of Cincinnati with a Major in Spanish and a Minor in Latin American studies and Business in Spanish, she worked as a bilingual customer service representative. A year later, it was back to Spain. In Spain she studied her Master’s at the Universidad de Alcala in the Learning and Teaching of Spanish as a Second Language and in her time there she was an English Language assistant. She lived in Spain for a total of four years but has recently moved back to the US and is now a Beginning-Spanish teacher for middle schoolers in Broward County in South Florida.

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