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20 Hours of Spanish Immersion

How many hours per week do you spend entirely immersed in Spanish? Most Spanish students would be ashamed to say it, but on average they’re only getting about one solid hour of immersion in per week — and that’s if they’re even actively studying the language at all. As you can imagine, this can pose a huge problem, as the “use it or lose it” philosophy tends to be especially pertinent when it comes to acquiring a foreign language. We’re not ones to just sit by and let our students wither away in the ruins of language acquisition turmoil,...

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6 Rules For Every Intermediate Spanish Student

Recently, I called out all the beginner students for the words, expressions, and rules they were forgetting on a regular basis. (Check that article out here.) Now, it’s time to hold all of you intermediate students accountable. As your parents said when they caught you with a ‘C’ in geometry, “I’m not mad, but I know you can do better moving forward.” Here is a list of ten words, expressions, and rules I hear your intermediate peers get wrong every day. Here we go… 1. darse cuenta de – this crazy mess of words that individually have nothing to...

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10 Rules Every Spanish Student Should Know

Let’s get right down to it. If you are a beginner-level Spanish student (or any level Spanish student for that matter) and you come across something in the following list that is not painfully obvious to you, you literally need to get out some blank flash cards right now and study these until your face falls off. If I were to teach 100 beginner-level students this afternoon, I would bet my cat, Michifú, on 90 of said students forgetting at least 75% of the following list. And anyone who knows me knows how much I love my Michifú. Let’s...

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Does Dreaming in Spanish Mean You’re Fluent?

Have you ever heard someone say, “You really know you’re fluent (or making significant progress) in Spanish when you begin dreaming is Spanish”? I have many times. But there’s a problem. I have been speaking Spanish since 2000 and never once have I noticeably had a dream in Spanish. Heck, I’ve been dreaming since 1985 and I’m unsure I even remember speaking ANY language in any dream I’ve ever had. Does that mean I’m not even fluent in… English?! But let’s back up for a moment. Why is it that “dreaming in Spanish” is being used as a marker...

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The Various Meanings Of Cuenta In Spanish

Cuenta!? I thought ‘la cuenta‘ is what we ask for when we’re ready to pay? Now you’re telling me it means… what?! Some variation of that question has come up with my students at just about every level. So what is it exactly that they’re confused about? Let’s dig in with this example paragraph… Tengo una amiga que siempre me cuenta cuentos de su niñez. Son cuentos tan buenos que con frecuencia pago yo la cuenta cuando salimos juntos. Le gusta ayudarme a veces con mi español, pero voy a intentar hacer esto por mi cuenta, sin que nadie...

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