Looking for additional practice in Spanish? Need help figuring out the best translation for that tricky nuance? How about a great study or work abroad program where you can put your Spanish to use? You’ve come to the right place!

Spanish Learning Practice

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Conjuguemos – Conjuguemos offers great practice with verb conjugations in all the tenses.

Lingq – Lingq offers a tremendous opportunity to practice and improve your reading, vocabulary, and listening skills through extensive archives of level-appropriate readings. It also keeps track of vocabulary you know and creates flashcards for that which you do not.

News in Slow Spanish – This is a great resource for practicing your listening and comprehension in Spanish. The News in Slow Spanish uses news pieces on current events as listening activities spoken at a pace that is comprehensible, no matter your level.

Study Spanish – Plenty of lessons, tutorials, and extra practice with all of the grammar points.

Coffee Break Spanish – Podcasts and content to supplement your Spanish language learning!

DuoLingo – Remember Rosetta Stone? This is Rosetta’s angry ex who decided to do everything Rosetta was doing, but better and for free. A great supplemental tool.

Colby University Spanish – A great liberal arts college based out of New England with a full array of practice materials for Spanish learners.

Free Online Spanish-English Dictionaries

Word Reference – Word Reference might just be the most comprehensive Spanish-to-English/English-to-Spanish dictionary on the planet. Did we mention it’s free and online? There’s a reason this list is so short!

Spanish Dict – Get translations of full sentences from a variety of sources and choose the best translation. This resource is beginning to gain an upper hand on Google Translate!

Real Academia Espanola – Based in Madrid, the RAE is the official royal institution responsible for overseeing the Spanish language. All definitions are in Spanish, but this is a great way to learn!

Recommended Study Abroad Programs

La Universidad de La Rioja – This is among the most affordable and most effective study abroad programs available. Its courses boast highly knowledgeable instructors teaching within the European framework. Not to mention, Logrono is a small city in the North of Spain, so you’ll never have too much trouble making friends or finding opportunities to speak Spanish.

Recommended Work-Abroad Programs

Auxiliares de Conversacion – This is a great program that gives you the opportunity to assist English teachers in classrooms in Spain while immersing yourself in Spain’s rich culture during your off days. Twelve hours of work per week from Monday to Thursday and a very livable wage. La vida es buena!

UCETAM – Another great program that allows English-speakers the opportunity to live and work abroad in Spain. Some of our past students have participated in this program and loved it!

Spanish Language News Websites

El Pais

El Mundo



CNN Espanol

El Economista

20 Minutos

Diario Expansion

Sport – FC Barcelona’s daily sports newspaper

Marca – Real Madrid’s daily sports newspaper

Mundo Deportivo